Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in Posts, Student News

Summer research in the Gerdon Lab is already half over! The students have been working very hard on their projects, but have also been enjoying Boston in the summer (see kayaking below and Ultimate Frisbee!). Here’s one indicator of success – the students have so much data to present that our group meetings typically run almost two hours! Not only do they report on their own experiments, but they write and discuss literature reports and interview and present on their colleagues’ work in our lab and in other groups. We stay busy!

Aimee Sanford ’16 and Keith Baillargeon ’16 return from the last summer and are wise veterans the lab. Aimee is continuing with microfluidics and Keith carries on with SELEX (see Keith’s poster at ACS Boston!). Darren Cornell ’16 joins us with previous research experience in industry and is working on nanoparticle synthesis and templating ability. Katerina Luarasi ’17 is our liaison with the Forsyth Institute and continues to work on our understanding of amelogenin proteins. Jack Florek ’17 is learning the ropes of SELEX and is validating analysis methods. We’re excited to welcome Josh Marion of Groton Regional High School to join the team soon.

They’ve all been working very hard and earned an afternoon break on the Charles River via kayak following by dinner at the Gerdon household and entertainment by George.

Keep up the great work!