Current Members of the Group – these are the hard-working students who make experiments happen every day

  • TEAM Calcium Carbonate – Rylie Bolarinho ’22
  • TEAM Collagen and Microfluidics – Amanda Gilbert ’22, Gabby Zabala ’21, Julia Japo ’23
  • TEAM Nano – Dianna Shields ’22, Rylie Bolarinho ’22
  • TEAM Malaria – Easwer Raman, BU

Group Alumni – these are the former students out in the world, doing great work, and building on Emmanuel College

ALUMNI – please email to update, keep us posted on what great stuff you’re doing!

Class of 2011

Dr. Sean McHugh ’11 – Consultant, Equitas Life Science

Class of 2012

Jamie Anderson ’12 – Clinical Lab Technician and Coordinator, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Portland, OR
Sara Landry ’12 – Senior Human Resources Representative, Cambridge Savings Bank
Sunaro Ngourn ’12 – Senior Research Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Cambridge, MA
Alex Petty ’12 – Research Technician, C2Sense, Cambridge, MA
Dr. Kayla Vasconcellos ’12, D.M.D., General Practice Resident, Weill Cornell Campus, NY Presbyterian Hospital
Vyassa Baratham (Acton-Boxborough Regional High School) – Software Engineer, Kyruus

Class of 2013

Mark Dougherty ’13 – Operations Director
Hillary Butts ’13, MS – Validation Project Coordinator, Millipore Sigma
Katie Dapsis ’13 – Lab Analyst, NE Newborn Screening Dept, State of MA

Class of 2014

Tom Cicuto ’14 – Lab Technician, UMass Medical School
Victoria Perrone ’14, MS – Director of Student Life, High School Chemistry Instructor, Boston University Academy
Jason Leavitt ’14 – Quality Assurance Lab Technician, Poland Springs

Class of 2015

Geoff Conklin ’15, MS – Scientist II, Roche Molecular Solutions
Chris Connelly ’15 – Senior Research Associate, Dragonfly Therapeutics
Sarah Faulkner ’15, MS – Director of Marketing, Goddard Inc
Dr. Samantha Watson ’15 – Department of Chemistry, Northeastern University
Greg Gaillardetz (BC High School) – Undergraduate Student, Boston College

Class of 2016

Keith Baillargeon ’16 – Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, Tufts University
Darren Cornell ’16, MS – Compound Management Technician, Sanofi Genzyme
Juliann Gavin ’16 – Medical Student, Kansas City University of Medicine
Aimee Sanford ’16 – Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, Emory University
Joshua Marion (Groton Regional High School)

Class of 2017

Marianna Barnhart ’17 – Emergency Medical Technician
Jack Florek ’17 – Chemist, Protavic America, Inc
Katerina Luarasi ’17 – Quality Control Lab Assistant – IPSEN Bioscience
David Savage ’17 – Manufacturing Technician, WaveLife Sciences
David Giliver (BU Academy) – Undergraduate Student, Columbia University

Class of 2018

Krista Meserve ’18 – Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
Jason Miech ’18 – Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, Arizona State University
Bobby Tzepos ’18 – Sales Associate, Millipore Sigma

       Class of 2019

       Emma Duffy ’19 – Laboratory Support Manager, UCLA Health
       Marielle Percuoco ’19 – Research Associate, Toxikon
       Jake Shlaferman ’19 – Dental Student, UConn

       Class of 2020

       Stephanie Colon ’20 – Research Associate, Sanofi Genzyme
       Alex Paige ’20 – Graduate Student, BU School of Public Health, Applied Biostatistics MS
       Kassidy Patoine ’20 – Environmental Chemist, Wood, NH