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Social Justice and Chemistry

Posted on Dec 3 by

Dr. Gerdon is excited to share his recent work on the connections between chemistry and social justice with the research group and with educators across the world. Check out this post on the Department of Chemistry and Physics blog and check out the abstract...


Amanda Gilbert ’22 – IR Analysis

Posted on Nov 5 by

Since Amanda has returned to the lab a few weeks ago, she has been working on mineralizing collagen hydrogels. These are the first hydrogels she has made since last spring! She made four hydrogels and mineralized them in different solutions using poly-aspartic acid and DNA aptamers. Once she finishes her experiment, she will take IR of the hydrogels and will analyze the data. She’s excited to see her results, and she is so grateful to have the opportunity to be doing research in...


Dianna Shields ’22 – Optimizing Synthesis

Posted on Oct 29 by

Dianna has been working to optimize her gold nanoparticle synthesis process using three conditions: acidic (1), basic (2), and neutral (3). The samples all had different visual appearances: the acidic sample being the darkest brown color, the basic sample appearing super concentrated, and the neutral sample appearing yellow/green with some undissolved deposits. Using absorbance, DLS, and NMR, Dianna will get to further analyze these samples and determine where their differences stem...


Gabby Zabala ’21 – Progress Made

Posted on Oct 29 by

Since Gabby’s return to the lab she has been hard at work, developing a new experiment using collagen and QCM crystals! Gabby has come a long way in just four short weeks. As you can see, the left picture was Gabby’s first try making collagen ever, testing out different amounts to put on the collagen. The two right pictures are the collagen Gabby produced this week. Gabby’s experimentation with collagen has brought some challenges just like any new experiment would but we know that research is a steady climb. There may be fumbles along the way, but we are still moving...


Microfluidics by Mail

Posted on Oct 9 by

Assembly of microfluidic devices in our group is one thing that doesn’t require a lab! All you need is a glass slide, a Dremmel tool, some tubing, 5 min epoxy, a craft cutter from a craft store, some double-sided tape, and your substrate – in this case a QCM crystal. Logan is not back in the lab yet, but he can get his devices assembled at home as a DIY science craft...


Dianna Shields ’22 – Reunited with the NMR Spectrometer!

Posted on Oct 5 by

Last Wednesday, Dianna had the pleasure of finally getting back into the lab. She has wasted no time and is already synthesizing and analyzing new nanoparticles. As much as Dianna loves reading literature papers in the comfort of her childhood bedroom, she is beyond excited to be back in the Wilkens Science Center. Pictured is Dianna’s reunion with her favorite...