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Microfluidics by Mail

Posted on Oct 9 by

Assembly of microfluidic devices in our group is one thing that doesn’t require a lab! All you need is a glass slide, a Dremmel tool, some tubing, 5 min epoxy, a craft cutter from a craft store, some double-sided tape, and your substrate – in this case a QCM crystal. Logan is not back in the lab yet, but he can get his devices assembled at home as a DIY science craft...


Dianna Shields ’22 – Reunited with the NMR Spectrometer!

Posted on Oct 5 by

Last Wednesday, Dianna had the pleasure of finally getting back into the lab. She has wasted no time and is already synthesizing and analyzing new nanoparticles. As much as Dianna loves reading literature papers in the comfort of her childhood bedroom, she is beyond excited to be back in the Wilkens Science Center. Pictured is Dianna’s reunion with her favorite...


Rylie Bolarinho ’22 – Learning to model molecules

Posted on Oct 1 by

Just like her fellow student researchers, Rylie has been keeping busy with remote research. Just before classes went virtual last semester, Rylie had just finished synthesizing her first batch of gold nanoparticles! Now she is finishing up NMR data analysis for them and she has started a new research project utilizing molecular modelling. Rylie is excited to use the molecular modelling software, Spartan, and see how it helps GRAB Lab research in the...


Amanda Gilbert ’22 – Mask and Goggles Included!

Posted on Sep 18 by

Even though research has been remote since the spring, Amanda has been staying busy! She has been working on data analysis for the mineralized hydrogels that were made last semester. She has also been planning some experiments to do when we’re back in the lab, which will hopefully be next week! She will be making more collagen hydrogels and will have more data analysis to do! Amanda is ready to get back to work safely in the lab. Mask and goggles...


Logan McGloin ’22 – More Literature!

Posted on Sep 11 by

Logan was hoping to get right back to research this fall to finish the microfluidics devices, but it seems that was delayed a little further. For now, Logan can use his new desk set-up at home to continue reading through literature papers in preparation for hopefully getting back to research on campus soon (maybe even in a couple weeks!). The plastic test tubes on his desk can only do so much in reminding him about the real deal! Logan hopes that he can start running experiments on his new plates in order to prepare for DNA origami research in the coming...


Gabby Zabala ’21 – Chemist At Work!

Posted on Sep 10 by

Even though the GRAB Lab team hasn’t been able to get back into the lab just yet*, we are still finding ways to bring the chemistry to us!  Gabby is continuing her research this semester reading various literature papers to help devise a future experiment using QCM and collagen that she can perform once we are back into the lab! She also has set up a specific place in her room where she can work on her remote lab work and stay focused. A Chemists mind is always at work and we can always find a way to stay connected with the lab work even if we cannot be in the lab physically! *Return of the Lab coming soon!...