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Krista Meserve ’18 – Chicago Field Museum of Natural History

Posted on Mar 25 by

Members of Chemistry Club traveled to Chicago during spring break to visit two museums: the Field Museum of Natural History and The Museum of Science and Industry. The Field museum had a state of the art DNA research lab within the museum that walked visitors through the process of sequencing DNA. I found it very interesting because the exhibit explained techniques, such as purification and amplification, that I had done last year during the sequencing of our DNA. We also spotted some of the same instruments and equipment in the lab that we have in our labs here. Plus, there was a giant strand of DNA, so what could be cooler?!?...


David Savage ’17 – Snow Day!

Posted on Mar 21 by

As students are returning back to campus from spring break, Winter Storm Stella brings a much appreciated snow. While breaks are helpful and often needed, Senior David Savage can’t wait to get back into the lab to continue research in collaboration with Harpoon Brewery (located in Boston’s Seaport...


Bobby Tzepos ’18 – Finding time for lab

Posted on Mar 21 by

As the semester is reaching its midpoint, exams are here and spring break is right around the corner.  Finding time to get into the lab for research has been quite a struggle but summer applications are in! Research over the summer allows us to maximize productivity and focus solely on our experiments. I am excited to continue research on my early detection test this summer! Going to miss the Gerdon team members...


Katerina Luarasi ’17 tours the Broad Institute

Posted on Feb 17 by

Senior Katerina Luarasi gets a tour of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA. At the Broad, they do a lot of DNA sequencing. Fun facts: the flow cell in her hand has 8 lanes that can hold 96 samples in each lane and the instruments behind her cost about $1M...


Jason Miech ’18 – off campus opportunities

Posted on Feb 7 by

Junior Jason Miech is using his experience in research on campus in applying to external summer internships at NASA and Department of Energy National Research Labs. Meanwhile, junior Krista Meserve has locked up a unique summer internship opportunity at the FBI (pending background check and other security measures), but hopes to stay engaged in research on campus as...