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Kristy Ta ’24 – Conference Ready

Posted on Mar 10 by

New semester, bigger goals! Kristy has been eager to continue her mineralization project, but her focus has been preparing for the 2023 ACS Conference. It will be a new experience for her– both the conference and traveling to Indianapolis for the first time! She hopes to record the ACS experience—stay tuned on our group’s TikTok (@ECGRABLab). It’s a rewarding opportunity after contributing to GRAB Lab both in the summer and presently. She hopes she share her love for research through the poster presentation as well as through the chemistry club’s upcoming research...


Donalissa Alphonse ’24 – Small Plans, Big Experiments

Posted on Feb 16 by

We are finally back into the swing of the semester which means getting into the research! After all the preparation with Ryan and Dr. Gerdon, Donalissa is excited to move forward with a new plan for her nanoparticles. The new plan for place exchanging thiolated DNA onto the nanoparticle includes better sample-processing, increasing reaction kinetics, better purification strategies, and easier analysis using the plate reader. She looks forward to working on her new projects alongside the GRAB Lab team. She is also excited to see what the semester has in store for her as she takes on her classes. Stay tuned for further updates from Donalissa as the semester...


Hailey Young ’24 – Braving the Cold for Research

Posted on Feb 10 by

It’s the start of another semester, and Hailey is braving the cold and wind to get back in the lab! It was one of the coldest days of the year last week but there was still lots to do.  She looks forward to continuing the DNA origami project and hopes to get started on experiments with a new structure. She’s also excited for the end of March, in which the GRAB lab team is heading to Indianapolis to present at the ACS conference! Stay tuned for more updates throughout the semester! Congrats again to Hailey on her recent publication in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces! This was really great work to add new data using ocean water from Massachusetts beaches as a reagent in our mineralization reactions. Hopefully more to come on this...


PUBLICATION! Congrats to Steph, Alex, Rylie, and Hailey!

Posted on Jan 30 by

Secondary Structure of DNA Aptamer Influences Biomimetic Mineralization of Calcium Carbonate ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2023 Congrats to Stephanie Colon, Alexander Paige, Rylie Bolarinho, and Hailey Young and the entire GRAB Lab team for this awesome work. We keep finding interesting ways that DNA aptamers interact with different minerals in different conditions, now related to ocean-relevant mineralization. There’s more to do here, but this is a great achievement. Congrats on your hard work and success!   See it on LinkedIn!  ...


Alumni Publications!

Posted on Jan 12 by

Our research alumni at Emmanuel College are awesome! Congrats to Krista Meserve on these new publications related to her graduate work in analytical chemistry. Great work! Chorioamnionitis-exposure alters serum cytokine trends in premature neonates, G.E. Stepanovich*, C.A. Chapman*, K. Meserve, J.M. Sturza, L.A. Ellsworth, R.C. Bailey, J.R. Bermick, Journal of Perinatology, 2022. DOI: 10.1038/s41372-022-01584-2 Detection of biomarkers for filoviral infection with a silicon photonic resonator platform, K. Meserve*, A.J. Qavi*, M.J. Aman, V. Hong, L. Zeitlin, J.M. Dye, J.W. Froude, D.W. Leung, L. Yang, F.W. Holtsberg, G.K. Amarasinghe, R.C. Bailey, STAR Protocols, 2022, 3. DOI: 10.1016/j.xpro.2022.101719 Rapid detection of an Ebola biomarker with optical microring resonators, A.J. Qavi*, K. Meserve*, M.J. Aman, V. Hong, L. Zeitlin, J.M. Dye, J.W. Froude, D.W. Leung, L. Yang, F.W. Holtsberg, R.C. Bailey, G.K. Amarasinghe, Cell Reports Methods, 2022, 2. DOI: 10.1016/j.crmeth.2022.100234 Highlighted in Cell Reports Methods Meet the Authors: 10.1016/j.crmeth.2022.100241 2021 Whispering-gallery-mode sensors for biological and physical sensing, D. Yu, M. Humar, K. Meserve, R.C. Bailey, S.N. Chormaic, F. Vollmer, Nature Reviews Methods Primers, 2021, 1. DOI:...


Making Chemistry Connections at O’Bryant School of Math and Science in Roxbury

Posted on Dec 9 by

The entire GRAB Lab Team – Hunter, Julia, Ryan, Hailey, Donalissa, Kristy, and Dr. Gerdon – had an amazing time making new friends in Ms. Alexius’ chemistry classes today at the O’Bryant School of Math and Science in Roxbury. It was a beautiful morning for the short 26 min walk over to our neighbors. We got to spend time with four different classes to talk about Emmanuel College, life in college, studying chemistry, undergraduate research, and our current research projects. The students had tons of great questions about everything from in-depth chemistry to life in the dorms. We finished with a chemistry trivia match between high school students and undergraduate students about the periodic table. We also got an honorary mascot in Sprinkles the bearded dragon. Camilla (Ms. Alexius) and her students were awesome hosts and we are planning to visit again in...