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Summer Research Poster Session

Posted on Oct 2 by

Congrats to Grace, Luz, Julia, Rylie, and Amanda on their fantastic presentations at the Summer Research Poster Session on Thursday. Everyone did amazing work this summer and turned it into great poster presentations for the College-wide event. The students were tasked with explaining their research to chemistry professors alongside first year students in gen chem, which is not an easy task! Next step – turn these posters into abstracts for an ACS...


GRAB Lab visits area high school

Posted on Oct 1 by

This summer the team had the great opportunity to work with Esther Hines, high school chemistry teacher at Billerica Memorial High School. Esther came to campus, joined our group, and engaged in exciting research involving calcium phosphate mineralization and gold nanoparticles. This fall we got to change the experience by visiting Esther and her students at BMH. Her AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry classes joined together to hear about Emmanuel College, majoring in chemistry, and about undergraduate research on campus. Luz, Rylie, and Amanda then held “office hours” for high school students to drop in and chat about anything ranging from college life to careers to details about their research projects. This was a great experience for all involved. The students were fantastic and BMH is a beautiful place! Thank you to Esther and her class for hosting...


Rylie Bolarinho ’22 – New Instrument on Campus!

Posted on Sep 28 by

Rylie is excited to be back in the research lab this semester after finishing her summer research internship. She will continue to work on the calcium carbonate project and start her distinction in the field of chemistry. Rylie will connect the DNA aptamers used for calcium carbonate mineralization to gold nanoparticles to look at templated biomimetic mineralization. Her first experiment back was using the brand new real-time PCR instrument to measure DNA stability! Rylie is happy to start her senior year at Emmanuel and is excited to see what she and other members of GRAB Lab will...


Feature on Aimee Sanford ’16!

Posted on Sep 21 by

Congratulations to Aimee Sanford ’16 on a great spotlight feature and on such an amazing path from Emmanuel College GRAB Lab research, to the CDC, Emory University, and beyond. Thanks for the research shout-out! We can’t wait for that PhD defense coming soon! Check out the story here: From Soapberries to RE-SELEX Here’s a throwback picture of Aimee back in the WSC lab for...


State of the Project – Summer 2021!

Posted on Jul 28 by

The research group has worked very hard this summer through a variety of adverse conditions and has come through with a lot of great data, quality research experience, and more ideas for the next experiment. That means it is time for the very official State of the Project reports! Students give short presentations to summarize where their projects started, where things stand now, and where experiments will go in the coming semester. We have some great presentations on Friday! This has been an amazing group of chemists to work with this summer. We’ve had some great lunch discussions and took a trip to the North End for Julia-inspired Italian cannolis and more!...


Research Alumni Unite! – Summer 2021

Posted on Jul 21 by

It was fantastic to see research alumni in the Boston area come together in person to catch up, support each other, and support the current students in the research lab. We had a great time and missed all the alumni too far from campus to join in the fun. The network of research alumni keeps growing and the connections and accomplishments are impressive. Stay in touch – you’re...