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Jake Shlaferman ’19 – the G-quadruplex

Posted on Jun 14 by

During his summer research, Jake is studying how a G-quadruplex in DNA affects calcium phosphate mineralization. These mineralization experiments (like the one shown above), are prepared in 96-well plates and put in a plate reader to measure absorbance over time. He hypothesizes that the presence of a G-quadruplex should promote mineralization. However, he has been seeing strange “blips” (anomalies in the measurement) in his data which is what he is currently trying to eliminate by testing different calcium:phosphate concentrations as well as salt...


Bobby Tzepos ’18 – nanoparticle synthesis

Posted on Jun 1 by

Rising senior Bobby Tzepos finally starts to finish up the optimization for the electrochemical technique to detect Co(III)-protoporphyrin IX in our early-detection malaria scheme!  Next, he’s on to nanoparticle synthesis of CoPPIX, which is then going to be used to conjugate an antibody specific to the malaria protein to determine the amount of the malarial parasite in an infected person after following our proposed plan! It is much more complex than that but stay tuned throughout the summer to check-in on progress of our scheme!  The picture above is the purification of Bobby’s first batch CoPPIX nanoparticles almost ready for dynamic light scattering (DLS) to measure nanoparticle...


Jason Miech ’18 – A tradition of laminar flow

Posted on May 24 by

The first week of summer research for rising senior Jason Miech has gone well. Here he uses the protonation of quinine by sulfuric acid to produce a fluorescent product. This allows for visualization of mixing and measurement of laminar flow in microfluidic cell designs. This design is called the...


Krista Meserve ’18 – Summer Research Begins!

Posted on May 18 by

As spring semester came to a close and we had to say good-bye to our seniors, we got to look forward to summer research! We kicked off our first day of research with the annual first lunch at Tasty Burger. This summer we have five students conducting very important experiments in the lab: seniors Jason, Krista, and Bobby and juniors Jake and Emma! Here’s to a fun and successful...


Senior Katerina Luarasi – all smiles!

Posted on Apr 26 by

Senior Katerina Luarasi is all smiles remembering all the wonderful memories she’s made doing research the past three years at Emmanuel. Huge thank you to everybody on the team but especially to Dr. Gerdon himself for getting her interested in doing research – it’s been her favorite experience at EC!...


Katerina, Krista, and Jason present at ACS in San Francisco

Posted on Apr 4 by

Congrats to Katerina Luarasi ’17, Krista Meserve ’18, and Jason Miech ’17 on their presentation at the ACS conference in San Francisco” “Development of methods for kinetic analysis of templated and untemplated calcium phosphate...