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Publication! (for team laminar flow)

Posted on Sep 10 by

A very big congratulations to Aimee Sanford, Geoff Conklin, and Jason Miech for the fantastic work, recently published in Materials Science & Engineering C! “Solution rheological parameters modulate calcium phosphate mineralization in a microfluidic device” This publication has been a long time coming and was really based on the Distinction in the Field work by Geoff and Aimee. It is an interesting combination of the engineering and chemistry aspects of controlling solid-forming reactions, like mineralization, in a microfluidic device. Check out the abstract here! Congrats to Aimee, Geoff, and Jason!...


ACS Conference Success!

Posted on Aug 23 by

Jake, Emma, Alex, and Dr. Gerdon all had a great time being fully immersed in chemistry at National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston this week. Jake and Emma presented beautiful work and had good traffic at their posters. Alex had his eyes opened to the wide world of agricultural chemistry! Dr. Gerdon’s presentation on the Analytical Chemistry project with the Muddy River drew a lot of interest from the Citizen’s First educators. Congrats on a great...


Students travel to ACS in…..Boston!

Posted on Aug 17 by

The 256th Meeting of the American Chemical Society is just around the corner – in time and in space! Dr. Gerdon will be “traveling” with Emma, Jake, and Alex to the conference this weekend through Tuesday. It’s great to have such wonderful science from all over the world in your backyard! If you’re in town for the conference, stop by the CHED poster session Monday 2-4 pm for Emma Duffy – “DNA Aptamers that Selectively Bind to Hydroxyapatite” Jake Shlaferman – “Calcium phosphate supersaturation ratios alter DNA-templated mineralization in solution” It would be great to gather any Emmanuel alumni at the...


Dr. Gerdon at GRC – Biomineralization

Posted on Aug 7 by

Dr. Gerdon had a fantastic week in New Hampshire, totally immersed in all things biomineralization, at the recent Gordon Research Conference. Dr. Gerdon presented a poster on “Analysis of secondary structures in DNA aptamer mineralization templates” and was able to consult with many experts in the field. He also successfully completed a rainy and treacherous hike up Mt. Kearsarge with like-minded...


Summer Research – Students present the “State of the Project”

Posted on Aug 7 by

Katarina, Alex, Sam, Emma, and Jake have been hard at work in the research lab all summer and now finally get a short break before the new semester starts in September. To conclude their hard work, each student presented their “State of the Project” report in order to put their project into perspective of previous work, to report on exciting new results from the summer, and to plan for work to come in the fall. Congrats to each on excellent work and excellent presentations! Presentation titles are given below and recaps of each project will be presented at Emmanuel College this fall semester at the summer research poster session. Katarina: “Using Stripping Voltammetry for Rapid Diagnostics Tests for Malaria” Alex: “Effects of Selected DNA Aptamers on the Morphology and Crystallinity of Hydroxyapatite” Sam: “Developing a mechanism for calcium carbonate mineralization in coral polyps using microfluidics” Emma: “DNA Aptamers¬†that¬†Selectively Bind to Hydroxyapatite” Jake: “Calcium phosphate supersaturation ratios alter DNA-templated mineralization in...



Posted on Jul 25 by

When fluorescently-tagged DNA aptamers bind to hydroxyapatite (and you centrifuge it down to make a pellet), you get really cool glowing HAP! Great job Emma!