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Spooky Pumpkins from Chem Club!

Posted on Nov 7 by

Check out the spooky lab pumpkins, courtesy of the Chem Club at Emmanuel College. Kristy, Hailey, Donalissa and many other worked hard to make this event successful and scary! Great...


Hunter Yearsley ’23 – Passionate about chemistry!

Posted on Nov 6 by

Hunter is very excited to be one of the newest members of the GRAB Lab research team! Hunter is working on a project in the area of forensics and is using this research project to fill his internship requirement. His goal is to make solid lipid nanoparticles that can fluoresce when they come into contact with a latent fingerprint. He is very happy to be able to be a part of this team full of people who are so passionate about chemistry and...


Dr. Gerdon – Research Balance

Posted on Oct 31 by

Finding time to be successful in research during the academic year is a huge challenge for undergraduate students and professors. Dr. Gerdon has had an awesome semester working on so many great things – students building LEGO spectrophotometers in the Instrumental Analysis course, helping with a recent NECHE accreditation visit, working with Campus Mission & Ministry, developing a Social Justice Chemistry Seminar course, and much more. So, when do we find time for research? The students have done a great job of working little by little, one step at a time, to make forward progress. Each completed experiment and piece of data is celebrated as a success, even if it sometimes sends us back to the drawing board. The same is true for Dr. Gerdon – he has spent his most productive time helping with abstracts for the Spring ACS meeting and preparing this presentation that he will be giving at the Materials Research Society conference in Boston in...


Julia Japo ’22 – ACS on the Horizon

Posted on Oct 24 by

Julia is so excited and sad that this is her final semester of doing research. She misses the fun of doing summer research with the GRAB lab but enjoys continuing her research during the school year as well! She has loved seeing the progress of the Quartz Crystal Microbalance project since she started and hopes to make some final strides before the semester ends. Julia recently has continued incorporating DNA aptamers into her mineralization experiments and analyzing the data. She is looking forward to making more memories in the lab and with the GRAB lab, especially when they take over Indianapolis for the ACS conference! Julia has also been busy on campus as a member of the Student Government Association (SGA). Emmanuel College is going through a regular (but major) accreditation process with the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) and Julia is doing a superb job of representing Emmanuel students in this important...


Ryan McCann ’23 – Research Fun!

Posted on Oct 17 by

Ryan is excited to be back on campus and getting back into the swing of research!  He is already missing all the fun that the group had during the summer but is excited to dive back into nanoparticles and mineralization experiments. Ryan has recently met with Donalissa, who has interest in taking over the nanoparticles, and gave her a rundown of the project! Ryan soon hopes to have mineralization results for nanoparticles with DNA aptamers attached, but a few minor setbacks have caused delays. He is looking forward to a whole new semester of...


Donalissa Alphonse’24 – EC GRAB Lab Enthusiast

Posted on Oct 10 by

Donalissa feels excited after visiting Hailey this week. In between her classes, she stopped by to see what EC GRAB Lab researcher Hailey was up to.  During her visit, she learned all about about Hailey’s DNA origami. She helped Hailey carry her solutions to the plate reader to collect data. The most exciting part was gaining some knowledge about about the plate reader (WOOHOO!). Donalissa looks forward to seeing more of what the GRAB Lab has to...