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Gordon Research Conference – Biomineralization

Posted on Aug 22 by

Dr. Gerdon was fortunate to travel to Girona, Spain to represent the group at the Gordon Research Conference in Biomineralization in August. What a great conference! The research presentations were even more beautiful than the location and country-side. It was amazing to learn more about the biology, methodology, ocean chemistry, and organisms involved in biomineralization. The research community was very welcoming and Dr. Gerdon was able to make good connections for the group. Dr. Gerdon presented a poster on: Effects of Rheological Parameters on Mineral Formation in a Microfluidic Device by Aren Gerdon, Aimee Sanford, and Geoff Conklin Here are some shots of Girona and...


Summer 2016 – State of the Project

Posted on Aug 8 by

Congratulations to Bobby, Jack, Krista, Katerina, and Jason on great work this summer! You achieved a lot and gave excellent reports to wrap up the summer. The State of the Project is strong!...


Jack Florek ’17 – High Tech Meetings

Posted on Jul 29 by

For our last group meeting of the summer of 2016, we were able to include Bobby from many miles away! This summer went by quickly, but we all accomplished many of our goals and learned a lot through summer research this year. This summer has been a good experience both as growing scientists and as growing...


Krista Meserve ’18 – DNA and mineralization

Posted on Jul 21 by

Researcher Krista Meserve ’18 pipettes two different experiments into a 96-well plate. The well-plate will then be placed into a plate reader, which measures the absorbance of each well every minute. After the data has been analyzed, we will be able to see which (if any) strands of DNA best promoted...


Alumni Gathering 2016

Posted on Jul 5 by

A big thanks to all those who made it out and to those who wished they could. It is great to see so many research alumni to hear their stories of success in the Boston area. It is equally great to hear from those in Connecticut, Jamaica, Atlanta, and elsewhere who couldn’t make it back to Fenway for a summer Thursday night. Keep the stories rolling in and, by request, I’ll be reaching out more often to keep you involved in the Emmanuel...


Katerina Luarasi ’17 – Setting Sails!

Posted on Jul 5 by

A nice balance of work and fun is needed to make sure the ship sails smoothly! Team Gerdon takes a trip out to George’s Island and Spectacle Island for the day. We got a history lesson, heard a ghost story, and climbed a really old heap of...