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Bobby Tzepos ’18 – Study Abroad in Italy

Posted on Oct 12 by

Bobby took a semester off research to have the awesome opportunity to study abroad in Florence. While it looks like an amazing experience, it sounds like Bobby is missing chemistry! “I was informing my friends about the research I conducted over the summer and showed them the Gerdon blog site.  They loved it!  As I was scrolling through, I saw Marianna’s post about the new potentiostat! After seeing that, it made me miss learning about chemistry, to be honest.  All these religion and philosophy classes are interesting but nothing beats learning about the real good stuff, Chemistry.  ” Thanks for the inspiration...


Krista Meserve ’18 – Open House!

Posted on Oct 6 by

This past Sunday was the first open house of the semester and since I work for admissions, I was required to work the event. I was tasked with the awesome job of giving tours of the chemistry labs to budding chemistry majors! I particularly enjoyed telling them about the research that our team does as well as the other research opportunities on campus. It was really great to see so many students interested in chemistry. Who knows…. Maybe one of them will be a future member of the GRAB Lab!!...


Jason Miech ’18 – Summer Research Poster Session

Posted on Sep 30 by

Senior Katerina Luarasi and Juniors Krista Meserve and Jason Miech present their hard work from the summer at Emmanuel College’s Summer Research Poster Session. Jack, Bobby, Marianna, Katerina, Krista, and Jason – great job on a great...



Posted on Sep 12 by

Congratulations to Chris, Tom, Jason, and Alex on their recent publication in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces! This has been a great collaborative work with Henry Margolis and the Forsyth Institute and we’ve made some very interesting findings on the structure of amelogenin protein interactions with hydroxyapatite. “Dynamic interactions of amelogenin with hydroxyapatite surfaces are dependent on protein phosphorylation and solution pH” Check out the publication...


Welcome Back!

Posted on Sep 9 by

The campus is abuzz again as upper class students return and freshmen make their mark on campus. Researchers made their way back as well – Jack, Katerina, Marianna, Jason, Krista, and Bobby (enjoy Italy!) – best of luck on experiments this...