Posted by on Aug 25, 2017 in Posts, Student News

After four beautiful years of hard work, successes and failures, and support from the National Science Foundation, Division of Materials Research, the group’s RUI grant came to a close. Through this award the group was extremely successful in developing, characterizing, and using a new analytical tool integrating mass analysis (QCM) and optical microscopy with microfluidic solution control. Check out the paper in Sensors and Actuators B and look forward to a new publication in the coming months. The SELEX team also came through with amazing results in selecting aptamers that influence mineralization and have a high affinity and selectivity for HAP. Check out the publication in Chemical Communications and look for more publications in the next year.

A big thanks and congratulations to all the undergraduate and high school researchers involved in this work! Hillary, Tori, Geoff, Sarah, Sam, Greg, Keith, Darren, Juliann, Aimee, Josh, Jack, Katerina, David, Jason, Krista, Jake, Emma, and many more – Thank You!