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Summer Research 2023 – Coming Through to the Other Side

Posted by on Jul 26, 2023 in Posts, Student News

Summer research for 2023 is almost at its end! It has been a great summer and Hailey, Kristy, Donalissa, Juan, Marissa, and Gian have done a tremendous job collecting a ton of amazing data and finding a way through the challenging experiments and moments. We celebrated yesterday by taking the afternoon off to enjoy all that Boston has to offer and our...

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Research Alumni Gathering – Summer 2023

Posted by on Jul 20, 2023 in Alumni, Posts, Student News

The July tradition continued in the Fenway neighborhood this week. With the towers of Emmanuel keeping watch, research alumni from across New England (and across the country in spirit) gathered to meet the current research students, to share updates on life and chemistry, and to catch up with old friends. The alumni network feels more and more like an...

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Marissa Diplacido ’25 – Time for TEM

Posted by on Jul 20, 2023 in Posts, Student News

A few weeks ago, Marissa had the pleasure of joining Dr. Gerdon at Harvard Medical School for some transmission electron microscopy (TEM) imaging of her gold nanoparticle samples. The TEM instrument is so tall that it could not fit into a single picture. She was able to observe how the samples were prepared and how to observe them to find the size of her...

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Kristy Ta ’24 – SEM surreal

Posted by on Jul 15, 2023 in Posts, Student News

Kristy recently joined Dr. Gerdon to do some scanning electron microscopy (SEM) imaging of mineralized collagen samples. The trip to Harvard Medical School was a jaw dropping experience. Being able to watch how to prep samples for SEM and even use the instrument to look around some mineralized collagen hydrogels felt surreal! It is so cool to know that we...

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GRAB Lab Around the World

Posted by on Jul 12, 2023 in Posts

It is important to make connections and to take a break from time to time. Dr. Gerdon took a step away from the lab to visit the Emmanuel College Institute of Eastern Mediterranean Studies on location in Alikianos, Crete. Professor Petros Vamvakas, Director of the Institute, became an honorary member of the GRAB Lab team and has started making suggestions...

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