Posted by on Nov 29, 2018 in Posts, Student News

Final Exams are less than two weeks away and all students on campus are starting to pick up the pace to finish their coursework strong. Research members of the GRAB Lab are no exception and our last lab group meeting of the semester is coming up next week. Does that mean research has come to a halt? No! In a student-led meeting today Alex shared some interesting results of about the morphology of calcium phosphate materials, Connor shared results from a new standard addition method for lead analysis in Muddy River water, Emma is planning her first mineralization experiment, Jake has high hopes for both CD and LC-MS experiments, Marielle is learning QCM protocols, Stephanie has conditions worked out for calcium carbonate plate reader experiments, and Kassidy is learning about collagen. That’s an impressive end to the semester!

Group meeting is about more than just sharing of data, it is also about working together as a team and encouraging each other to struggle mightily, sometimes fail, and learn a lot.