Posted by on Aug 16, 2019 in Alumni, Posts, Student News

Dr. Aren Gerdon has recently been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to support research with undergraduate students at Emmanuel College. The NSF will provide over $350,000 over a three year period to Dr. Gerdon and research students to enable the proposed work on “DNA and nanoparticle assemblies as biomimetic templates for calcium phosphate mineralization”. The grant is part of the Research at Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) program and comes from the Division of Materials Research, Biomaterials (DMR, BMAT).

This is the second time that Dr. Gerdon and his students have been funded by the NSF and Dr. Gerdon commented that, “The wonderful thing about this support from the NSF is that you only get funded a second time if you were successful the first time. The undergraduate research students who dedicated themselves to these projects over the past five to ten years produced the results, publications, and conference presentations that demonstrated the high level of research done at Emmanuel College. Our past students, now alumni, made this funding possible. In doing so, they opened the door for current and future students to engage in high level and impactful research that will make a difference and will prepare them for their future in chemistry.”

See the award notice here.

Congrats to the GRAB LAB!