Posted by on Nov 20, 2019 in Posts, Student News

The GRAB (Gerdon Research in Analytical Biomaterials) Lab is planning an exploration open lab event for Emmanuel College students, faculty, and staff! Perhaps you’ve taken a few sciences courses, maybe you took those science courses quite a few years ago, or maybe you’ve never set foot in a science lab….but, maybe you always wanted to see what it’s like. We want to break down that imaginary barrier between science and you! Come and join us!

The goals of this event are two-fold:

  1. Introduce you to a chemistry lab in a way that is enjoyable but is also realistic, honest, and safe.
  2. Let you explore mineral formation as it relates to bones and teeth or sea shells and coral reefs.

If you’re an Emmanuel College student, faculty, or staff, look for more information to coming soon!