Posted by on Feb 6, 2020 in Posts, Student News

This past week the research group (GRAB: Gerdon Research in Analytical Biomaterials) welcomed non-science members of the Emmanuel College community into the Wilkens Science Center for a fun and informative introduction to lab. Emmanuel College faculty, staff, and students joined in even though they had very little (or no) prior experience in science lab work or science research. They learned about what we do related to calcium biomaterials (calcium carbonate related to ocean chemistry and coral reefs; calcium phosphate related to bone and teeth formation) then they participated in some mineralization experiments with an opportunity for them to explore and to mix together anything they wanted from a “menu” of options. The best part was the teamwork between members of the research group and the participants of the program. What a great experience for all!

Thank you to the research group, the Department of Chemistry and Physics, and to the National Science Foundation (DMR 1904460) for support!