Posted by on Apr 1, 2021 in Posts, Student News

The National Meeting of the American Chemical Society will be launching next week! The conference is virtual this spring which means that we don’t get to visit San Antonio, TX (Dr. Gerdon was really hoping for some local food!) where the conference was planned to be held. But, we might get more visitors from across the globe in a virtual setting. If you’re coming to the conference, visit us too!

Gabby Zabala will be presenting her work on collagen mineralization: “Collagen hydrogel formation and templated calcium phosphate mineralization measured by quartz crystal microbalance”

Dr. Gerdon will be presenting “Connecting chemistry to social justice for the undergraduate chemistry major” in the Chemical Education division at 6:20 pm EDT on Tuesday, April 13th.

Dr. Gerdon is co-hosting a networking session for the Division of Analytical Chemistry with Dr. Anna Cavinato on “Distance Teaching Tips & Tricks” in the Analytical division at 11 am EDT on Thursday, April 8th.

Hope to see you there!