Posted by on May 11, 2021 in Alumni, Posts, Student News

The GRAB lab gathered for the last group meeting of the semester to reflect on research achievements, to congratulate Gabby on graduation, and to make some new goals for the coming summer! Some achievement highlights include: designing new experiments, learning new instruments, helping new research students along, and simply getting into the lab in-person. Our goals are even better: being in the lab with the team, contributing to a new project, completing the next set of experiments, and celebrating completion of the semester!

It is this time of year especially that Dr. Gerdon likes to take a moment to thank the research students – Gabby, Rylie, Amanda, Dianna, and Julia (not to mention years of research alumni!) – for all that they do in research. These projects would go no where without their hard work and dedication. Usually this means some pizza a Blaze, a trip to Tasty Burger, or maybe some JP Licks. This year it means a Zoom group picture with slices of pizza on our heads… weird….