Posted by on Oct 1, 2021 in Posts, Student News

This summer the team had the great opportunity to work with Esther Hines, high school chemistry teacher at Billerica Memorial High School. Esther came to campus, joined our group, and engaged in exciting research involving calcium phosphate mineralization and gold nanoparticles.

This fall we got to change the experience by visiting Esther and her students at BMH. Her AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry classes joined together to hear about Emmanuel College, majoring in chemistry, and about undergraduate research on campus. Luz, Rylie, and Amanda then held “office hours” for high school students to drop in and chat about anything ranging from college life to careers to details about their research projects. This was a great experience for all involved. The students were fantastic and BMH is a beautiful place!

Thank you to Esther and her class for hosting us!