Posted by on Dec 2, 2021 in Posts, Student News

Luz has continued to work towards understanding the influence of different textiles on the GC-MS analysis of combustible materials, with an eye on forensics applications. Luz has been working with several different textiles and diesel standards in acetone. Due to technical difficulties with an unhappy computer, she had a frustrating time in lab.  This was disappointing since it has been a week since she’s been in lab after the holidays and she is eager to finish and gathering data. This is a good reminder that research is exciting, but not always easy and often times frustrating. At our weekly group meeting teammates were able to listen to Luz, sympathize with the frustration, and share similar stories of delay, delay, delay….followed by eventual success! Luz will be back in the lab tomorrow to get the GC-MS back on track. She was able to prep textile samples to be ready for the next step.