Posted by on Jan 7, 2022 in Alumni, Student News

(Belated) congrats to two superstar alumni from Emmanuel College and from the GRAB Lab. In the past few months Aimee Sanford and Keith Baillargeon defended their doctoral theses to earn their PhDs in chemistry. Dr. Gerdon was really happy to attend both defenses via Zoom and is super proud of Dr. Sanford (Emory University) and Dr. Baillargeon (Tufts University).

Aimee and Keith worked together in the lab at Emmanuel and rocked their Distinction in the Field projects before graduating in 2016. Keith was working on Precipitation SELEX, learning the tools of a molecular biologist. Aimee was deep in microfluidics, being an analytical chemist and a mechanical engineer. In graduate school, the tables turned! Aimee has gone one to do amazing work in structure-switching SELEX for biosensor development and Keith went head-first into analytical chemistry to develop portable and cost-efficient systems for blood analysis in the field. Both have extremely bright futures ahead of them and current GRAB Lab members are inspired!

Here’s a throw back to ACS Boston in 2015!