Posted by on Jun 10, 2022 in Posts, Student News

It is wonderful to be back in the lab this summer working hard at experimental design, good lab technique, data analysis, and scientific communication. As Dr. Gerdon insists, the students are immersed in research, marinating their mind and stewing their thoughts in that next experiment. Our best ideas come when we’re least expecting them, probably out of the lab, strolling around Boston. Julia, Ryan, Kristy, Hailey, and Oula are going to keep that going through the summer!

Kristy, the incoming Chemistry Club President, already has designs for updating some space on campus and for updating the group’s social media presence. Stay tuned for new exciting updates! In the meantime, here’s an early summer picture of the group. This one will live in infamy, but we persevere!

Summer 2022 – Julia, Hailey, Dr. Gerdon, Kristy, Ryan