Posted by on Sep 22, 2022 in Alumni, Posts, Student News

The students of GRAB Lab are a few weeks into the new academic year and are already starting to get back into the lab. The relaxed days of summer research are over and now we are full speed on new courses, new chemistry, and new research experiments. The whole crew – Julia, Ryan, Kristy, and Hailey – is back along with Hunter who is joining us to start a new project on nanoparticles and fingerprints. We’re looking for new group members and are happy to see a few new faces looking to learn more about our work. It is also great to see alumni checking back in. Grace and Anna sent an awesome email about their first day of GC-MS work in grad school!

We have big plans ahead, including the Summer Research Poster Session, writing abstracts for the Spring ACS Meeting, the Materials Research Society Conference, and a visit to Camilla’s high school classroom!

Stay tuned for more amazing blog posts!