Posted by on Oct 31, 2022 in Posts, Student News

Finding time to be successful in research during the academic year is a huge challenge for undergraduate students and professors. Dr. Gerdon has had an awesome semester working on so many great things – students building LEGO spectrophotometers in the Instrumental Analysis course, helping with a recent NECHE accreditation visit, working with Campus Mission & Ministry, developing a Social Justice Chemistry Seminar course, and much more. So, when do we find time for research? The students have done a great job of working little by little, one step at a time, to make forward progress. Each completed experiment and piece of data is celebrated as a success, even if it sometimes sends us back to the drawing board. The same is true for Dr. Gerdon – he has spent his most productive time helping with abstracts for the Spring ACS meeting and preparing this presentation that he will be giving at the Materials Research Society conference in Boston in November.