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ACS Indiana – American Chemical Society – Indiana Section

The spring meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is almost here! Emmanuel College students will be traveling with Dr. Gerdon, Dr. Watt, and Dr. Lau to Indianapolis – the Crossroads of America – for this amazing conference. It is time to be immersed in – and geek-out about – global chemistry fun. If you’re looking for some great talks and posters, look no further. Here’s your guide to great chemistry:

Sunday, March 26th

Kristy Ta ’23 – Selected DNA aptamers exhibit structure-dependent control of collagen mineralization – COLL – Biomaterials and Biointerfaces Poster Session

Ryan McCann ’24 – Nanoparticles presenting biomimetic ligands influence mineralization of calcium phosphate – COLL – PUNC: Nanomaterials Research at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions Poster Session

Monday, March 27th

Julia Japo ’24 – Quartz crystal microbalance analysis of collagen mineralization kinetics – CHED – Poster Session

Hailey Young ’23 – DNA origami nanostructures as biomimetic scaffolds for calcium phopshate mineralization – CHED – Poster Session

Morgan Knauer ’24 and Noelle Natale ’24 – Receptor synthesis for detection of reactive sulfur species (RSS) – CHED – Poster Session

James Boksanski ’24 – Synthesis of nitrogen-functionalized diphenyl monomers as building blocks for polyamidines – CHED – Poster Session

Juliette Janiszewski ’24 – Design and synthesis of a nucleotide-binding, sequence-specific furyl-substituted bisaryl-amidine – CHED – Poster Session

Patrick Mannion ’24 – Synthesis of a tripodal polypyridine zinc(II) complex for reactive sulfur species observation – CHED – Poster Session

Tuesday, March 28th

Aren Gerdon – Getting past instructor fear of failure in the classroom through partnership – CHED – Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Chemistry Education

Nathan Lau and Michelle Watt – Synthesis of three-armed, arylethynyl receptors for binding reactive sulfur species – ORGN – Molecular Recognition & Self-Assembly


See you there!