Posted by on Sep 19, 2023 in Posts, Student News

Welcome to campus! I’m working with a great group of first year students from the Class of 2027 in Principles of Chemistry I this semester and it has been wonderful to see them on their first few days on the Emmanuel College campus. I have a great group of upper level students the Chemistry of Brewing class and we have four senior research students in the lab this year – Hailey, Kristy, Donalissa, and Sydney. This kind of leadership in the research group is amazing and I’m expecting big things from them in their final year of research. We’re already planning for the Summer Research Poster Session and we’re busy writing abstracts for the Spring 2024 ACS Conference taking place in New Orleans. We’re off to a fast start. The lab has missed us over the past month, so back to the lab!

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~Dr. Gerdon