Posted by on Dec 9, 2022 in Posts, Student News

The entire GRAB Lab Team – Hunter, Julia, Ryan, Hailey, Donalissa, Kristy, and Dr. Gerdon – had an amazing time making new friends in Ms. Alexius’ chemistry classes today at the O’Bryant School of Math and Science in Roxbury. It was a beautiful morning for the short 26 min walk over to our neighbors. We got to spend time with four different classes to talk about Emmanuel College, life in college, studying chemistry, undergraduate research, and our current research projects. The students had tons of great questions about everything from in-depth chemistry to life in the dorms. We finished with a chemistry trivia match between high school students and undergraduate students about the periodic table. We also got an honorary mascot in Sprinkles the bearded dragon.

Camilla (Ms. Alexius) and her students were awesome hosts and we are planning to visit again in February!!